Christians for Economic Justice

Previously called Christianity Uncut


Welcome to Christians for Economic Justice (CEJ). We are an informal network of Christians campagining against the UK government’s cuts agenda and the wider injustices of capitalism.

We are inspired by Jesus’ example of solidarity with people who are poor, marginalised and denied justice.

CEJ was previoulsy known as Christianity Uncut. We were active under that name from 2011 until early 2014. Following a period of inactivity, we relaunched as Christians for Economic Justice on 22 June 2015.

OLSX eviction - BBC - 2Our members pray at the eviction
of Occupy London Stock Exchange in 2012

We believe that austerity is making an already unjust economic system even worse. It is dividing people against each other and forcing the poor to pay for the sins of the rich.

We campaign alongside other Christians, people of other religions and people of no religion. We urge churches to stake a strong stand not only against austerity but against capitalism itself. We are committed to active nonviolence and seek to approach our opponents with love, not hatred.

DSEi 2013 exorcism 1Rev Keith Hebden, a member of CEJ, is threatened with arrest as he
leads an exorcism ceremony at the London arms fair in 2013.

Since 2011, we have spoken out against disability cuts, tax avoidance, the bedroom tax and the waste of resources on military spending. We have organised a visible Christian presence at anti-cuts protests in London, Birmingham and Belfast. We formed a ring of prayer at the eviciton of Occupy London Stock Exchange. Along with other groups, we peacefully blocked entrances to the London arms fair in 2013 and several of our members were arrested and put on trial.

We applaud church leaders when they speak out against the cuts but we call on them to go further. We have held acts of prayer and protest outside events at which the church is co-opted by capitalism: an arms dealers’ meeting at Church House, the church service for Conservative Party conference; a conference on Christian leadership at Holy Trinity Brompton addressed by leaders of Goldman Sachs and Serco.

Chris Howson - Ash Wednesday

Activists in Sunderland call on Starbuck’s
to repent of tax-dodging on Ash Wednesday 2013

You can read our latest news and views, have a look at our frequently asked questions or find out more about joining in. You’re very welcome to get in touch at You can also visit our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Are you for real, or decoy false flag recruitment of the Communist Party seeking ‘useful idiots’, as Marx or Trotsky so lovingly put it. You use of buzz words suggests a strong Socialist education, and not theological education.


    • Hi Alan, as I’ve not studied Communism, Marx, Trotsky, or socialism, I’ll have to take your word for now that those labels might apply. However, the statements which this organisation make here do seem to me to align well with Jesus Christ’s teaching and actvities during his earthly ministry, which I read about regularly in the Bible. I am not currently involved with Christianity Uncut and came here looking for something else but was pleasantly surprised by what I’ve found.


  2. At last| people with Christian based views and ethos standing up to bigoted egostistical government officials. David Cameron has dealt a clear message time and time again with his cuts to the disabled, single mothers, those in council houses, and benefit claimants, immigrants… the list goes on! The devil is getting braver, and revealing himself through his servants. Shocking times. We all should stand up against this abuse of human liberties. Making the poor poorer, and the rich richer, and blaming the previous Government for the current economic shambles is yet another lie too far. Wake up people to the devil’s work.


  3. Good for you! (although I think the use of force when campaigning is definitely valid!)


  4. Julie Fergus on said:

    There are extreme economic injustices destroying millions of lives. That is no exaggeration. You are my heroes as Jesus very often talked about economic justice. How can we start something like this in the USA?


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