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Court approves eviction after cathedral collusion

A court in London has ruled in favour of the City of London’s request to evict the Occupy the London Stock Exchange camp near St Paul’s Cathedral.

The occupiers have been given a week to prepare an appeal (technically, they’re appealing against the refusal of leave to appeal). It therefore looks unlikely that the camp will evicted before the end of next week.

Support for an anti-eviction circle of prayer at the camp has shot up following the news of the court’s verdict. 97 people had signed Christianity Uncut’s online pledge to join the ring of prayer at the time that the verdict was announced. Another 40 signed with the next half hour alone, and the figure is now nearly 200.

You can find out more, and sign up, by clicking here.

The City of London’s case in court was helped by St Paul’s Cathedral. After the resignation of two brave clerics who opposed forced eviction, the cathedral withdrew their own legal action against the campaigners. But they have now backed eviction by the back door, by giving evidence in favour of the City’s legal case. Ekklesia have criticised the Cathedral’s U-turn.

Several people have asked for details of how the ring of prayer will work in practice, how and where people will meet for it, etc. We’ll be working on that in the next few days. Watch this space!

In the meantime, we offer our love, solidarity and encouragement to all involved in Occupy LSX. They tweeted their appreciation of Christianity Uncut not long after the verdict. The feeling’s mutual!


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