Christians for Economic Justice

Previously called Christianity Uncut

Christians to join UK Uncut’s Great British Street Party

On Saturday (26 May), UK Uncut supporters will be hosting street parties throughout the UK. Instead of celebrating the values of monarchy and militarism inherent in the following weekend’s jubilee events, they will celebrate the real best of Britain – traditions of progress, radicalism and resistance. They’ll be calling for the costs of the economic crisis to be borne by those who did most to cause it – the rich and powerful.

Christianity Uncut heartily welcoms the idea. Of course, there will be Christians alongside people of other faiths and none at the many street party events. Venues announced so far include Bournemouth, Crawley, Derby, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield and York – and others are expected. Christianity Uncut are hoping for a visible presence at the central London events. If you’re planning to be there too, or at any of the others, please drop us a line at

And if you’d like to know more about what UK Uncut are planning, click here to take a look at their website. Let’s celebrate justice, not privilege!



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