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Christians to reject monarchy and celebrate justice at republican protests

The following news release was issued today (01.06.12):

Christians to reject monarchy and celebrate justice at republican protests

A group of Christians will join republican protests this weekend to call for a ‘real jubilee’ that celebrates justice, peace and the equality of all people as created in the image of God. They believe that this reflects the original, biblical meaning of jubilee rather than a celebration devoted to monarchy and military might.

The group will be part of a major anti-monarchy demonstration on Sunday (3 June), which will include people of many religions and of none.

Christianity Uncut, whose supporters include clergy, theologians and writers, pointed out that ‘jubilee’ is a biblical idea that was originally about a time of justice, when slaves were freed, debts cancelled and equal relationships restored. At a time of cuts and huge gaps between rich and poor, they suggest that this is the jubilee our society really needs.

Rev Gareth Hughes, Church of England chaplain at Hertford College, Oxford, said:

“The concept of ‘jubilee’ is an ancient Near Eastern practice of restitution, including the forgiveness of debts. In the Bible (Leviticus 25), it is demanded of God’s people as a rebalancing of society. Whereas our society is crying out for this kind of jubilee, what we are given is an expensive personality cult. The focus is on an earthly monarch rather than on the King and Kingdom of Heaven.”

Symon Hill, Christian writer and associate director of the Ekklesia thinktank, said:

“This weekend, we are invited to celebrate obscene wealth and privilege as many people suffer from vicious cuts to public services and rising unemployment. Instead, let’s have a better sort of party. Let’s celebrate love, justice and the hope of a different sort of society. Early Christians were persecuted for refusing to say ‘Caesar is Lord’. Christ is my Lord, my King, my Queen. I cannot bow to another.”



1.     Christianity Uncut is an informal network of Christians campaigning against the UK government’s cuts and the injustices of capitalism. We are inspired by Jesus, who took nonviolent direct action in the Jerusalem Temple in solidarity with people who are poor, exploited and marginalised. Please see

2.     The main republican demonstration will be from 12.00 noon until 5.00pm on Sunday 3 June, near Tower Bridge. It is organised by the group Republic, which includes people of many religions and of none. Members of Christianity Uncut will be present. Please see

3.     Christianity Uncut was founded in 2011. During the eviction of Occupy London Stock Exchange, five members of the group were dragged by police from the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral as they knelt in prayer. It has recently been revealed that they were misled by the cathedral authorities about the cathedral’s role in the eviction. Please see

4.     The Christian thinktank Ekklesia has recently published a research paper exploring alternative perspectives on the jubilee. Please see


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2 thoughts on “Christians to reject monarchy and celebrate justice at republican protests

  1. Robert Beard on said:

    As a Church of England priest and lifelong campaigner for peace and justice, I entirely endorse this positive, spiritual and practical interpretation of jubilee. What a pity that the titular Head of my Church does not!


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