Christians for Economic Justice

Previously called Christianity Uncut

Calling for real jubilee

Many, many thanks to all the people who have supported and encouraged us during the jubilee demonstrations of the last few days.

Thanks to members of Republic, of several religions and of none, who were very welcoming of our presence at the protests. And thanks for all the supportive Tweets and other messages. Thanks also to the people who disagree with us, but who took the time to engage us in conversation, sharing their views and listening to what we had to say.

Members of Christianity Uncut were present at all three of the main London demonstrations over the last few days – at the river pageant, at the service at St Paul’s Cathedral and at the procession along Whitehall. Most of the time, they were peaceful and even cheerful events, as we celebrated values of equality, justice and community. However, a few monarchists outside St Paul’s pushed and shoved some of us and threatened us with further violence. Thankfully, other monarchists respected our right to freedom of expression.

Several people have asked why an organisation set up to oppose the cuts should be getting involved in anti-monarchy campaigns. It’s partly because many of us believe that the subversive Kingdom of God, based on love, is incompatible with earthly monarchies based on wealth, inequality and militarism. But it’s also because we regard this as a fundamentally economic issue. The biblical meaning of “jubilee” as it appears in the Book of Leviticus (Chapter 25) concerns a festival of economic justice.

Leviticus states that every fiftieth year, debts should be cancelled, slaves set free, and land returned to those who have sold it due to poverty. Jubilee was about rebalancing society and preventing gross inequalities. As Church of England priest Gareth Hughes said last week, “our society is crying out for this kind of jubilee”.

For more on the real meaning of jubilee, you can listen to this piece on the BBC World Service about Christianity Uncut’s protests this week. If you click on the link, it’s about twenty minutes into the programme.

In addition, Simon Barrow of Ekklesia has written about the real meaning of jubilee in this piece for the Guardian.Ekklesia also has a new research paper, by Bernadette Meaden, entitled Alternative Perspectives on the Jubilee.

Thanks again! Shalom!


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4 thoughts on “Calling for real jubilee

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  2. So Christianity Uncut wants to see an end to the Monarchy (based on wealth, inequality and militarism) in favour of a Republic. You would also like to see a return to the Biblical practice of a fiftieth year of Jubilee.
    Tell me… why aren’t you pushing for a Theocratic society based on the laws given in Old Testament scripture. when God raised up Judges to rule over the people then later appointed Kings to rule, many of the Kings had great wealth and military might… Is that why God later changed his mind and decide that a Republic was actually what he was aiming for all along. Isn’t that what scripture says? I’m sure that somewhere there’s a scriptural calling for a Democratically Elected Republic.
    When the pilgrims left our shores fleeing Christian persecution they wrote a document called the Mayflower Compact. It was based on Deuteronomy Chapter 28 and was the basis for the Virginia Constitution (and others). It also laid down the basis for the American Constitution. A framework within which The Democratic system would be constrained. It set out ‘Inalienable Rights’ that cannot be altered by man as they were given by the Creator God.
    A ‘Lien’ is a levy or tax against property. An ‘Alien’ is someone who has no property owning rights. ‘Inalienable’ means that no man can pursue your property for an unpaid levy or fine. Each President takes a vow of office to Uphold, Preserve and Protect that sacred Constitution. (see
    Following the example in the book of Isaiah, the Founding Fathers divided the Government into three branches. It was a Godly, prayerful vision which tested the Founding Fathers to the very limit of their faith and considerable intellect.
    The Godly vision has been so corrupted by Militant Socialist Atheists who have revised US history to obliterate it’s solid Christian Heritage. (Psalm 2 v 2-3)
    What your left with is a cabal of narcissistic appointee kings whose power is based on the wealth of the Banking Elites and Military Power!
    Obviously Christianity Uncut are just another of the Wolves in sheep’s clothing that Jesus warned us about. You’ll find another in the stained glass window of the Fabian Society in Tavistock Square. (who’d believe that the emblem of the Labour Party’s Opus Dei would be an actual ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’).
    Christianity Uncut should be ‘Christianity Would anyone like a slice?’
    “Tippex at the ready, It’s time for a Bible reading, and unlike those stick in the mud traditionalists we’ve sliced the whole of the Bible into palatable pieces so you can swallow just the bits you like. Any bits that are a chewy or disagreeable can be ignored or smothered in thick globs of over intellectualist gravy. Yes… we’ll get those Christians to swallow anything.”
    When I see the Queen zooming around Knightsbridge in her banker bonus Ferrari before getting wasted in an ‘Ibeefa’ snortfest, I’ll join the protest. Until then just leave this easy target alone.
    I was going to talk about your most unbiblical interpretation of ‘Equality’ (as I’m sure that you’re as keen to permit Sharia Courts and Female circumcision as any man.) but your friends have introduced so much ‘Hate’ legislation that Christians have only to sneeze now to invite your venom.
    Before you do one more thing… Find Christ, repent and be saved!


    • I see it like this. It is no longer acceptable to use the fact of not believing in miracles as an excuse for abandoning the bond of the Christ. whether we come together on the basis of the story of Christ, or just on the basis of the message of Christ is now irrelevant. Demanding that we all first of all accept the supernatural as the key to our identity is only going to ensure that we never mass together and challenge the rising evil in our midst. First of all, we must realise that in times like these, simply averting our eyes and carrying on regardless is going to ensure that within the next couple of generations Christianity will be reduced to irrelevance and the future lost. It is necessary to redeem the redeemer. The power of the Christ is being held in check by the established religions as they try not to rock the boat, even investing in the evil ones, for example the four million that the catholic church has invested in News International, the organisation of Rupert Murdoch through the financial institution that serves the Catholic church’s purposes, the Christian fellowship. They have much to hide, and much to lose in terms of property and wealth, and for this reason they keep quiet rather than challenge the rising tide of filth from the tabloids and the media in general.


  3. This came to me as a ‘reply’ but didn’t answer any of questions I asked nor respond to any of the points I made.
    I found this reply to be wordy and hazy so let me see if I can actually answer the points you make…
    ” It is no longer acceptable to use the fact of not believing in miracles as an excuse for abandoning the bond of the Christ. whether we come together on the basis of the story of Christ, or just on the basis of the message of Christ is now irrelevant.”
    On what basis are we to come together?
    The Christian Church is not a building but a body of believers. Therefore anyone who claims to belong to the body of Christ has to hold a few basic beliefs in common. Once you have decided what the bottom line, most basic list of shared beliefs should be then perhaps on other, non core issues, there’s room for some differences.
    Every time I come across a group of Christians who are critical of other Christians, we get an inevitable ‘fork in the road’ and the only road map is Scripture.
    These ‘critical’ Christians love to air the churches dirty laundry in public and this makes it hard for those Christians who are trying to follow scripture.
    Paul makes it clear that we should not let non believers judge us on issues concerning our beliefs. (1 Cor 6v5-6) I speak to your shame. Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you? no, not one that shall be able to judge between his brethren? But brother goeth to law with brother, and that before the unbelievers.

    How is it then that I can sit next to someone in my church and when they ask if there is a place in God’s kingdom for them? What shall I say?
    Romans 10v13 says, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”…. However!
    Should I tell them that there are some exclusions, even for those believers within the church!
    (1 Cor 6v9) Do you not know that the wicked will NOT inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders, nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.
    Am I allowed to tell them to stop their worship of Idols? To repent and turn to the one true God?
    Am I allowed to warn them out of love for their eternal souls that the Bible , not I, says that there is no place in the kingdom for a drunkard, so repent and sober up. No place for the thief so stop stealing and be honest!
    Why then If I love a believer and want to warn them that scripture tells them ‘not to be deceived’ and that If they practice Homosexuality then there is no place in the kingdom for them?
    Why am I an Oppressor? What am I discriminating against? Why point the finger of shame at me when all I did was remind a believer of the truth of scripture? Not due to an imagined ‘Phobia’ but out of a genuine love and concern for their eternal soul? Would I be loving them if I tippexed these things out and erased the uncomfortable verses? Would it help them at all if I were to side with them against those horrible Bible bashing bullies?
    In my Christian walk I have met many mature believers who have shown me what the true love of Christ is by guiding me lovingly away from lifestyle choices that are contrary to Gods word and into a life style that is pleasing to God.
    Do you love someone enough to tell them the painful truth?


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