Christians for Economic Justice

Previously called Christianity Uncut

Tories preach ‘good news to the rich’ in Birmingham

Christian Tories are planning to hold a church service in Birmingham this evening (7 October), as the Conservative Party conference begins in the city.

As Christians, we rejoice to see people worship God, but the greatest worship is in the way we live our lives. Members of Christianity Uncut will be outside the Tory church service to witness to the teachings of Jesus, who sided with the poor. In contrast, the Conservative Party has always sided with the very rich.

Outside the service at Birmingham Christian Centre, we will peacefully hand out leaflets to Tory delegates and other worshippers. We will offer them pieces of bread to symbolise the sharing of the world’s resources – an idea proclaimed in many parts of the Bible, which is contrary to capitalism. We will pray for all those involved, asking that they and we will move closer to God’s truth. We will also pray for the defeat of the government’s cuts agenda and the coming of God’s Kingdom.

We rejoice that people of many faiths and of none are protesting against the Tories’ vicious cuts and militarism in Birmingham this week. May God bless and guide us all.

If you would like to join future Christianity Uncut demonstrations and acts of witness, please email us at


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