Christians for Economic Justice

Previously called Christianity Uncut

Join us to march for A Future That Works

This Saturday (20 October), thousands of people across the UK will march in a favour of a better future than the one offered by the government’s cuts agenda and the corporations that back it. Thousands of Christians will join with people of many other religions and of none to call on the government not to punish the poor for the sins of the rich.

We want to see a future in which economic policies benefit society as a whole, not just the super-rich, in which the needs of the poorest people are prioritised, the world’s resources are shared and the planet is protected, not destroyed. We don’t want an economic crash caused by the sins of capitalism used as an excuse to hurt the poorest people, and those in the middle, while trillions of pounds is siphoned off into tax havens and spending on nuclear weapons continues unabated.

March with Christianity Uncut

There will be simultaneous marches in London, Glasgow and Belfast. Christianity Uncut will have an organised presence at the London march, though we believe there will also be Christianity Uncut supporters at the other two venues.

To join us at the London march, please gather at 11.00am outside Westminster Quaker Meeting House in St Martin’s Lane. The nearest tube station is Leicester Square. We will be marching alongside our friends from the Quakers. We will move off at 11.30, to join the start of the march at Embankment. The march begins at 12.00 and will finish in Hyde Park.

Watch out for the large Christianity Uncut banner, as well as other Christian symbols or placards. We don’t have specific Christianity Uncut placards to give out, so please feel free to design and bring your own. There will be more general placards available on the march.

Tell your friends

You can publicise the details of the Christianity Uncut meeting point on Facebook and Twitter – and, of course, by word of mouth. However, we are not too concerned about how many people march with Christianity Uncut – we’re more concerned about how many people join the march as a whole. We know there will be thousands of Christians marching with other groups and, equally importantly, thousands of people of other religions and of none.

Nonetheless, a visible Christian presence on the march is a reminder that many Christians see standing against economic sin as a natural part of their faith. It is also an encouragement to other Christians to recognise the centrality of wealth, poverty and power in the teachings of Jesus and much of the Bible.

We realise that not everyone can make the march in person. If that’s the case for you, you can still declare your support online. And, of course, you can pray – for all who are marching, for the journalists who will report on it, for the politicians who should listen and for other people who will see or hear about the march.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at


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