Christians for Economic Justice

Previously called Christianity Uncut

End Hunger Fast

Christianity Uncut is proud to support End Hunger Fast. The plan is for Christians and others to fast during Lent in solidarity with people going hungry as a result of government policies and the wealth and power of the 1%.

Today (5th March) is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. It has traditionally been a time of fasting in the run-up to the feasting of Easter, when we  celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

Many Christians give something up during Lent, or take on a new commitment. Some fast on particular days or from certain foods and drinks, such as meat or alcohol. In 2013, many Christianity Uncut supporters chose to give up trade with companies involved in tax-dodging and the Rev Chris Howson anointed Starbuck’s with ashes to call for repentance.

This year, large numbers of people – Christians, those of other religions and those of no religion – will fast in some way during Lent to show support to people going hungry as as result of government policies.

The same capitalist system that creates such obscene global inequality is pushing up poverty in the UK as the government continues with its all-out assault on the welfare state, while cutting taxes for the rich and ploughing billions into nuclear weapons.

Some people will fast on particular days – for example, every Friday. Others will fast from certain foods or at certain times. At least one person – Rev Keith Hebden, a Church of England priest – will eat nothing from today until Easter Sunday, consuming liquids only. Others, who choose not to fast, will back the campaign with prayer and action.

There will be a national day of fasting on Friday 4th April, already backed by a number of bishops, other church leaders and the Daily Mirror.

Fasting combines spirituality, solidarity and protest. Let’s reflect and seek God’s guidance on how we can resist the sins of inequality and share the world’s rich resources. 


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