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Church House Conference Centre profits from the arms trade

Church House, the administrative headquarters of the Church of England, is this week hosting yet another conference sponsored by arms dealers. The Land Warfare Conference 2015 is organised by the Royal United Services Institute (a right-wing, militarist thinktank) and sponsored by a number of companies that sell arms to oppressive regimes, including Lockheed Martin.

This has been going on in the face of protests for the last three years. Once again, Christians will be holding a vigil outside the conference, when it opens at 8.00am tomorrow (Tuesday 30 June). This time, we will also share the Eucharist, led by a Church of England priest, Adam Dickson.

Church House’s leadership has been dismissive of protest, refusing even to engage with the issues and simply repeating the assertion that the bookings are made by RUSI rather than arms companies – ignoring the fact that the conferences are sponsored by arms companies.

In contrast, we’re pleased to be able to congratulate St Paul’s Cathedral, who confirmed this month that they not only rule out bookings by arms companies but also bookings for events sponsored by arms companies.

The act of worship tomorrow has been organised by the Fellowship of Reconciliation, Pax Christi and the Christian Network of the Campaign AgainstArms Trade (CAAT). We’re proud to stand alongside them. There are more details here.

  Church House vigil 140709


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