Christians for Economic Justice

Previously called Christianity Uncut

Disabled people’s care outsourced to profiteers

In the last week it has emerged that a local authority has outsourced care package annual reviews for disabled service users.

As Christians we should, like Jesus, enable and campaign to enable disabled people to live full, independent lives. Care packages are vital in enabling many disabled people to do just this. Without them, lives would be far more restricted and many people would be stuck at home.

We should be particularly outraged by an external, profit-motivated, body, with the explicit aim of making cuts, carrying out these care reviews.

Cuts to care packages can mean disabled people are forced to choose between activities such as eating, washing, or dressing. How can disabled people live liberated lives in this context? They cannot. We should be fighting for a world in which care packages enable disabled people to not just exist, but to live fully and healthily. For example, support with exercising and eating freshly cooked meals should be reintroduced into care packages.

This is impossible when control is handed to an organisation such as Capita with a shocking record on disability assessments and reassessments.

Christians for Economic Justice are therefore deeply concerned by this news, and call on other Christians to join them and organisations such as Disabled People Against Cuts in objecting to developments such as this.


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