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Christian prayer and protest at London arms fair

Christians around the UK and beyond will be praying and protesting against the arms trade on Sunday 8th September. This will be Stop the Arms Trade Day of Prayer, which falls immediately before the start of the London arms fair (DSEi).

The Stop the Arms Fair coalition (of which Christianity Uncut is part) have published a list of campaigning actions planned by a range of groups.

Christians will join with people of other religions and none for a mass protest against the arms fair at 12.00 noon on Sunday. The Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) will publish the precise location the day before.

Prayer, protest and exorcism

At 4.00pm on Sunday, Christians will gather near an entrance to the Excel Centre (details published close to the time) to pray and protest against the sin of arms dealing. We will speak out against arms deals, particularly involving oppressive regimes. We will witness against the waste of billions of pounds on warfare at a time when spending on health, education and human welfare is being cut.

We will hold an exorcism ceremony, symbolically naming the evil of the arms trade and praying for an end to its demonic influence. We are inspired by Jesus, whose exorcisms challenged the unjust structures of his society and freed victims of oppression. Jesus also took nonviolent action against economic injustice in the Jerusalem Temple.

The event is organised by Christianity Uncut with support from others. It will be actively nonviolent, rejecting both violence and passivity. We will not engage in verbal abuse but seek to love our enemies. All are welcome. Watch out for the precise location on this website, Twitter or Facebook, or listen out at the general protest that starts at noon on Sunday.


Vigils, prayers and local actions

On Monday 9th, there will be a silent multifaith vigil on the edge of the Excel Centre at 6.30pm. It is organised by Pax Christi, Quaker Peace & Social Witness, CAAT and East London Against the Arms Fair (ELAAF). Christianity Uncut supporters will be there too.

If you can’t make it to the arms fair, please pray at home and encourage your church to pray on Sunday for those involved in the arms trade and those campaigning against it. You can also join protests in your local area – or organise one yourself. Feel free to let us know what you’re doing! You can reach us at or add a comment below.


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